Linda McKeever Photography | Herbal Bath
Herbal Bath Session

           First, I’d like to congratulate you on the birth of your baby. Those treasured first days after baby arrives pass too quickly, don't let those precious moments go uncaptured. An Herbal Bath Session is the perfect time to relax and bond with your new baby.


Session Information

* An Herbal Bath Session is for postpartum mom's and newborn's, dad’s are also welcome to join in as well.


* An Herbal Bath Session is a 30 minute sessions. 


* An Herbal Bath Session typically takes place soon after birth, or the first few days after you arrive home from the hospital. If you have had a Cesarean, please ask your provider when it's ok to have a herbal bath.


* Please get your doctor’s or midwife’s approval prior to your Herbal Bath Session.


* I take care of everything, from steeping the herbs and bringing them with me to your home, drawing the bath, photograph you and your baby relaxing and bonding, plus clean up at the end of the session.


* The benefits to your baby are, the Herbal Bath is very calming because the water provide a similar sensation to the womb. 


* The herbs promote the umbilical cord stump to heal quicker


* The herbal blend nourishes newborns sensitive shin


* The benefits to mom are an Herbal Bath reduces perineum swelling and help prevent infection


* A Herbal Bath Session can often be emotionally healing for a mom that didn’t experience the birth she had hoped for.